The Rules of the EJS Fibovar Theory: The Variations of Fibonacci and their roles in the construction of the Universe

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At the beginning of my theory on space and time (in terms of what that space is and what that time is), I was perplexed about the damage that humanity could inflict on a revolutionary theory that calls into question its convictions and certainties. Humans tend to assert their truth confidently when they do not know it, and the less they know, the more authoritative they are. Moreover, humanity is naturally resistant to everything related to evolution and change. Life naturally evolves, seeks to improve itself, but for what belongs to the present and already the past, this permanent evolution means an imminent death, a disappearance of oneself and one's species, an abject natural selection, a difficult life, a constant effort to survive, a tiring struggle and competition that leaves little room for serenity. As a result, many forces constantly rise to fight against any attempt at evolution, any novelty, any change requiring a new effort of adaptation or learning. These wasted energies gather and seek to eliminate any difference with themselves or anything that would seem superior or incomprehensible to them. There is thus a great gap between what humanity believes it knows about the universe (including gods) and reality. Speaking of true things, in this context, can therefore be either very dangerous or, in the best case, completely useless.

The Fibonacci Variants

I cannot assert that this is an adequate expression to designate a theory often referred as a "linear recurrence equation", but as an exclusively self-taught Asperger's autist, non-mathematician, I can fully adopt an inappropriate and unbearable vocabulary for the scientific community. This will be my way of expressing myself on the subject of variants, whether it suits or not.

A linear recurrence equation is a recurrence equation on a sequence of numbers expressed in the form of a polynomial.

For example, on a degree 3:

a(n) = A*a(n-1) + B*a(n-2) + C*a(n-3) and of course, it is still essential to define the first 3 parameters a(n-1), a(n-2), a(n-3) which are usually defined by a(0), a(1), a(2).

In any case, for this small example, we have 6 unknowns a(0), a(1), a(2), A, B, C, which can take on any real or complex values and represent objects in the real world.

In reality, linear recurrence is a spatial representation of a physical phenomenon and in this sense it is necessary to have the general formula allowing to calculate in a few nanoseconds any parameter of this recurrence to predict any behavior of the system.

In reality, linear recurrence is a spatial representation of a physical phenomenon and in this sense it is necessary to have the general formula allowing to calculate in a few nanoseconds any parameter of this recurrence to predict and understand the phenomena that occur in the universe.

The fundamental formula dealing with all existing variants exists, because I established this formula to classify these variants, as well as I established the associated generating function to simply designate the variants. I do not know if these things existed elsewhere, but it does not matter to me because I am "off-system". I could not adapt to it, at every step of my researcher life, I felt the oppression of this system that eliminates people like me, tries to eradicate them, deceive them, erase them. This locked system does not offer great opportunities for individuals with non-conventional behaviors. If one cannot go through a formatted door system, one faces walls. In 2019/2020, rather than seeing my astrophysics research (or reflections) on Space and Time (carried out in 1987) disappear forever, I decided to do things on my own through a website bearing my name, to escape the obstacles that disabled people can face. To give some credibility to my research, I decided during the COVID-19 pandemic period to establish some purely mathematical patterns of the real and quantum world in order to later link them to the physics of large volumes.

The advantage of mathematics compared to physics is their extreme fundamental simplicity, their reliability, their reproducibility during experiments. Mathematics is a pure science that never lies. However, mathematics can be repellent because of this layer of complexity that is taught to us and that is added by researchers when they do not find or when they play with mathematics by moving away from any reality (topology is a dramatic example). It is also very difficult to deal with empirical theories and to add them one to the other in different layers that overlap to simulate portions of reality. Many people cope with it thanks to a very large memory capacity, but for me who is disabled and deprived of memory, I am rather obliged to simplify the theories I face by necessity so that they are simple to apprehend and above all to understand. However, the necessary simplification work seems immense and probably this task will one day be delegated to an AI.

The beginning of the theory on variants At the beginning of the pandemic of COVID-19, I imagined myself living in prison for a few months or even years, and I decided to dedicate some of my time to analyzing prime numbers in order to draw a pattern in their calculations. One of my fundamental convictions was that the absence of chaos in the delivery of prime numbers was perhaps a sign that there were structural laws for matter and the quantum world through these numbers. So I found a way, through simple formulas, to calculate infinite sequences of prime numbers (without using division), and then I succeeded in drawing a basic pattern for most of these formulas (generating infinite sequences of prime numbers on different branches). Then I realized that there were not only "branches whose leaves are prime numbers", but also trunks supporting these branches, branches for which we could identify sequences of integers reminiscent of Fibonacci sequences. Later, I understood that these prime numbers on branches fit within the framework of more general laws on a theory of numbers that would allow for the classification of all Fibonacci variants from a general formula.

The general formula itself can be determined with simple logic, the problem that may arise is mainly in its use, because it is mainly the edge cases that seemed interesting and difficult to deal with to me.

Delivering such an equation to the scientific community would not have been of interest to me, as I have already had negative experiences in the past, such as the rejection of my scientific publications and the inability to make my theory of astrophysics heard. In addition, I also wrote 2 novels that were rejected by publishers, and I have been a victim of plagiarism in the past. That's why I decided to publish my research on a website bearing my name, so that it is accessible to everyone and that it endures after my death. Although appearances are misleading, there is only one truth and there will necessarily be a convergence towards it in the end.

The transposition of a hidden theory to the internet

I worked hard to transpose a mathematical theory with sometimes quite twisted behavior on some practical calculations, specific cases that I identify as "edge cases on certain roots" and which represent 1% to 1.5% of cases, into PHP.

To perform the various calculations needed to establish the equations of variants, it is necessary not only to go through complex numbers "a + 1i * b", but also to overcome the many bugs and limitations related to the PHP language.

To achieve this, I then set out to further simplify the basic mathematical formula, then I developed a custom PHP script that allows me to calculate the edge cases correctly.